Working with a Debt collection lawyer

Let me start by saying that having your own company is an absolute blast. I am so happy that I have finally had the courage to do this and actually start my own company. A lot of people are afraid to do this. I have heard so many reasons, from being afraid that their company will never be a success to not wanting to have those kind of insecurities. And in a way those are good reasons. Especially the part about the insecurities. This is where I have learned a hard lesson in the past few months. It all started after I finished an assignment for a new client. He seemed very content with it and at the end of the month I sent him the invoice. I did get a response to this email. He would pay it as soon as possible, but that was the last thing I heard. I did a few things after not having received the money on the due date.

  • Sent multiple reminders
  • Called him
  • Contacted the Debt collection lawyer

Of course I had heard stories before about entrepreneurs that ended up in the same situation. I had lots of them giving me advise, but for me it was very hard to decide what was best. I found online that sending multiple reminders and trying to contact the client in (almost) every possible, is best. So that is what I tried to do. But without success. I thought it was a very big step to call a Debt collection lawyer. I was afraid that this might not be what I actually had to do. But there is no harm in asking, so I contacted the company Finanza Debt Collection Solutions.

The advice from the Debt collection laywer

The Debt collection lawyer who I spoke to was very friendly. I explained to her that it almost felt wrong to ask them about my situation, but she told me that I was doing the right thing. She said it was a good thing I had already done so many things myself. This made it a lot easier for them to get things going. I asked her all the questions I had and she gave me really good advice. In the end we decided it would be best if they contacted my client and get me my money! I felt very good about the situation after this conversation. Of course, I had looked at their website and here I found that every Debt collection lawyer that works here has more than enough experience in this field of work. And that the chances are very slim that they will not succeed. So, it was definitely worth a shot!

Finally receiving my money

The Debt collection lawyer knows that there can be so many reasons for not paying an invoice or the reminders that have been sent out. This is why they will never start out on a harsh note. They approach every case as if the customer is hearing about this invoice just for the second time. The Debt collection lawyer has the experience that by being friendly it is more likely that the outstanding invoice will finally be paid. Of course it helps that a Debt collection lawyer is asking it. There are some serious consequences if you still refuse to pay the invoice and most people and/or companies will not take that risk. If you are in the same situation as I was, I can definitely recommend contacting the Debt collection lawyer at Finanza Debt Collection Solutions. I finally have my money!

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